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Date: 23/06/2013

Wasp nest removal


The common wasp is most commonly seen during summer months when the Queen wasp after hibernating for the winter comes out and starts to build a very small cone nest which she lays worker larve in around half a dozen which she feeds herself till they develop into workers and drones the workers being female that maintain the nest and never leave it the males being drones that have no venom, they just forage for food and water for the nest, the Queen now remains solely in the nest and the nest is constantly being made bigger by the workers as the queens then goes onto having more offspring to tend the nest.

Wasp nests can be found in the ground, trees, the eves of your house, sheds etc.

If you discovered an active wasp nest do not attempt to treat it yourself, call the professionals.

When provoked, wasps will sting you. Some people are allergic to wasp stings, so let the professional pest controllers and avoid getting stung. Should you happen to locate a wasp nest in your loft or in the garden, it is advisable to call a wasp nest removal company to deal with it professionally

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