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Date: 26/07/2013


whilst pest control in Islington are keeping all the little pests under control, there are those that just keep coming like a little army them being the wonderful rat,  the rat as done a pretty good job of adapting to most environments whether they are poor or good conditions the rat population never seems to decline always being on the increase hence the need for professional pest control companies to control the infestations on a daily basis it is a contagious battle between the rat and the pest control technician, the rat is a very clever animal it can remember areas with photographic detail so it is always on its guard for anything new that may crop up in its travels the rat will routinely produce droppings marking its territory in this way also by urinating as well that is why you can expect some bad smells from where rats harbor they are carnivorous and will even eat there own species when found dead if no other food source is available them they will scavenge on any dead animal they have no worries.

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